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Don’t miss out on APBC latest event. Filipinas in Business: Creating Opportunities in Australia and the Philippines Networking Event on 20 March at the Imperial Hotel in Melbourne.

Time is running out. Register for APBC’s upcoming event – Filipinas in Business: Creating Opportunities in Australia and the Philippines Networking Event on 20 March at the Imperial Hotel.
The APBC is in support of fostering diversity and empowering women in the business community. Join us for an exciting evening as we bring together a group of dynamic Filipina entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders to share insights, network, and celebrate successes.
We are excited to present key speakers including:
• Jazmine Flores, Founder and CEO of Tayler Auto Group, Dialbox Solutions
• Dr Celia Torres-Villanueva, Board Chair (NFP), Commercial Lawyer (ex-Boeing), Founder, Career Transformation Ventures
• Fatima Everitt, Co-founder and Creative Director, Dreamtime Art Creative Consultancy
The event will also be Moderated by Johanna Nonato, Founder of Dragon Legal Services.
We also have special guests:
• Laura Burke, Global Victoria – Southeast Asia regional manager
• Consul General Maria Lourdes Salcedo, Philippine Consulate General Office, Melbourne
You can scan the QR code or register online

We look forward to welcoming you to an evening of inspiration and networking.


  • Jazmine Flores owns several businesses, including a car service centre and a call centre in the Philippines.
  • She says that her femininity balances the masculine nature of the industry she is in.
  • She shares that the characteristic she has that she is most proud of is her mental strength. 
  • “I’ve been told: You’re a woman – what do you know about cars?

    “Being a businesswoman in the automotive industry is not easy. The first impression they have of you is that you’re weak. I took that as a challenge to prove that an empowered woman can be successful in a man’s world.”

  • Jazmine is as empowered of a woman as they come. She owns several businesses, including Talyer Automotive Service Centre (which she initially co-owned with her ex-husband) and a call centre in the Philippines.

    Despite the masculine nature of the industry she joined, she admits that she is a “girly girl”.

    “I love all things feminine. I love pink and I grew up in a Hello Kitty world,” she laughs, adding, “But I think my femininity is what makes an impact and it’s what balances things. I can inspire other women. When I’m in Talyer Auto, I’m seen as a mother figure.”

  • Being the mother figure has created a family environment in the four shops she now currently owns and runs.

    “I want my legacy to be businesses that run on passion, endeavours that make an impact on others – from clients to staff.

    “I’m proud to say that we were able to help out a lot of our workers – from the time they were students until we were able to sponsor them for PR and then citizenship. We were also very fortunate that none of our staff lost their jobs during the height of the pandemic. These are the things that motivate me.”

  • This motivated entrepreneur carries over her drive to how she raises her three daughters.

    “I’ve always been a hands-on mum. Not only are my daughters athletes, but I see in them the drive that I have. My eldest girls – my twins – are now in uni and are helping out in the businesses.

    “I got my femininity from my mum (who used to do pageants) and my business savvy from my dad; with my girls, I hope what they learn from me is to stick to something they like and they’re good at and, to excel in that.”

  • A mentor to her daughters and to other women, Jazmine continues to have the need to succeed, spurred on by her persistence and mental strength.

    “My days start really early and end really late, but I keep on going. I’ve learned to be resilient. I have baggage, but I’ve learned to face the world in a professional manner.

  • “I’ve gone through a lot in my life. The characteristic I have that I’m most proud of is my mental strength. I continue to work on that everyday.”

How do I find a job if I'm an international student?

Business owner and member of the Australian Council of Multicultural Entrepreneurs Jazmine Flores has helped a lot of international students in the past when it comes to acquiring employment.

She mentions some important tips on going about looking for work if you’re an international student.


  • Walk-ins and referrals work.
  • Confidence and persistence are important.
  • Use online resources to look for a job.

Walk-ins and referrals

Jazmine says that she has personally seen a good success rate when it comes to international students applying as walk-ins and through referrals.

“A lot of students walk-in to our business to apply for work. Aside from us being a part of the popular automative industry, we are a Filipino-owned business, so Filipino students will seek employment with us.

“Referrals are also popular. We get them through people in our community and through our employees.”

Jazmine shares that it’s a good idea to be ready with employment and school documents when applying for work.

“If you’re going to walk-in to enquire about work, have your papers ready – your visa, school information, availability.

“Personally, I appreciate confidence and persistence. I appreciate your courage to go into a business without knowing anyone there and being confident about bringing your skills to the table.”

She says that when it comes to handling walk-ins, she will make time to have a chat or an on-the-spot interview if they’re not too busy.


Two important resources for jobs are online ads and community networks.

“Social media is the fasteste way to connect to employers and contacts. You can also find job ads online.

“Also, a lot of businesses support organisations so it’s good to be connected to different local organisations. You might be able to get good leads.

“No matter your situation, the important thing is to keep pursuing and to not give up.”

Marketing Trends & Strategies In The New Normal

MSMEs Reboot

10 December 2020 | 1:30 - 3:00PM


CEO, Leadworks Sales and Marketing Solutions PTY Ltd

DOLE Anniversary Offering of:

To all micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), and self-employed, it’s time to be ahead! Reboot your marketing strategies! Join our webinar on “Marketing Trends and Strategies in the New Normal” on December 10, 2020 at 1:30pm to 3:00pm.
– Marketing philosophy in the new normal
– Marketing trends and strategies- 4Ps (Products, Price, Place, Promotion/branding)
– Essentials of Marketing (to-do-list)

Jazmine Flores, owner of auto shop Talyer AU, shares she has seen first-hand how international students and temporary visa holders have faired during the crisis.


“We have two branches and almost half of our employees are international students studying automotive. We want to be able to give them industry experience; however we’ve seen them struggle due to the lack of support,” Jazmine says.


  • Business owner Jazmine Flores was hoping that there would be support for international students and businesses employing them under the new federal budget
  • There is a lack of support for international students and temporary visa holders 
  • Ms Flores’ business is maximising the help that’s being given by the government

National Wages and Productivity Commission

August 29, 2020

This year, the NWPC will hold its biennial National Productivity Conference through a multi-part series via zoom. Our theme, “Driving Productivity in the Better Normal” will give emphasis to ongoing initiatives to mitigate the effects of pandemic and to leverage the opportunities that this crisis offers to create a better, safer, more productive and resilient new normal.
Under this theme, we have lined up webinars, every Thursday 10:00 AM from September 3 to November 5, on national development plans for a more resilient Philippines, impact of the pandemic on the world of work, policy and program responses to leverage opportunities post pandemic, enterprise-level adjustments to the new normal such as through automation, technology-enabled solutions and the application of actionable intelligence.
 “Philippine Program for Recovery with Equity and Solidarity”
Speaker: Undersecretary Rosemarie G. Edillon
National Economic and Development Authority
September 03, 2020
“Technology-Enabled Solutions: Mitigation to recovery”
Executive Director Enrico C. Paringit
Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (DOST-PCIEERD)
September 17, 2020
“Employment Outlook Transitioning to a Better Normal”
Speaker: Mr. Sangheon Lee
Director of Employment Policy Department
ILO Geneva
October 1, 2020
“Business Reconfiguration: Leading Practices Transitioning to the New Normal”
Speaker: Ms. Jazmine Flores
Founder and CEO – Leadworks Business Solutions
October 15, 2020
“Automation: Leading Practices Transitioning to the New Normal”
Speaker: Ms. Iloisa Romaraog
Sales and Marketing Head and Co-Founder – Session Groceries
November 5, 2020
1. Register to at least five webinar sessions at bit.ly/2020_NPC
2. Attend to webinar sessions.
3. Complete the evaluation form which will be posted before the end of every webinar.


Empowering MSMEs:

Road To Recovery

22 May 2020( Friday ), 1:00PM (PH Time)


Founder and CEO, LeadworksBusiness Solutions Vice President, Australian Council for Multi-Cultural Entrepreneurs

In this webinar, you will:

  • Get Actionable insights about what you, as an entrepreneur, can do while on lockdown
  • Identify needs and gaps of current strategies and marketing plans
  • Be guided with next steps for your business
  • Discover best practices which have been proven successful in Australia
  • Come up with a Massive Immediate Action (MAIA) with “My Business COVID – safe Roadmap” to develop a solid business strategy during and after the lockdown